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Assembling all types of flat pack products

Gym Equipment

The best home gym equipment can make you get in shape much easier than doing sit-ups all day. If you want to make certain gains, such as losing weight or gaining muscle, you’ll need the right equipment to get there faster. We are Expert in Fitness Equipment assembly.

Garden Furniture

It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various material selections before making buying the right furniture. You should consider how your item will perform throughout several seasons and weather conditions. Or service provides professional assembly service. Fixed Price and Never a Call Out Charge.

Pax Wardrobe assembly

IKEA has definitely positioned itself as the go-to furniture business for budget ready-to-assemble furniture that also looks and feels amazing throughout the years. Even with an instruction manual, putting together various sections of the furniture without the proper tools and hundreds of screws is a difficult operation. We can assist you in this area.

office furniture assembly brighton

Office Furniture

More than anything, office furniture must be durable enough to handle the stresses of the workplace. Offices are designed to last a long time, therefore having well built furniture is critical. You can’t go up every other month and replace furniture, that’s why you should contact a furniture assembly service to do it correctly the first time.

nursery furniture assembly

Nursery Furniture

Creating a lovely nursery is a fun part of getting ready to welcome a new baby. You have a lot of options when it comes to baby nursery furniture, which can be a little overwhelming. Should assembly not be at the top of your priority list, a professional assembler is ready to assist.

Local Furniture Assembly

Home Furniture

Have you enjoyed your shopping trip but are too busy to put the furniture together?
One of the most important things to look for when choosing furniture for your home is durability. Furniture is expensive, and you want to be sure it’s put together correctly to avoid breaking or ruining it. Magic Flat Pack offers a wide choice of furniture assembly and installation services to suit any budget.

Magic Flat Pack Benefits

  • Available 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • Carry million-pound public liability insurance.​
  • 12 Months Workmanship Guarantee.​
  • 5 Star Rating on Google. Qualified, Experienced.​


Furniture assembly areas 

Brighton and Hove, Bognor Regis, Arundel, Chichester, Horsham, Crawley, Haywards Heath Goring-by-Sea, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Henfield, Horsham, Hurstpierpoint, Lancing, Lewes, Littlehampton, Peacehaven, Portslade, Pulborough, Ringmer, Rottingdean, Saltdean, Seaford, Shoreham-by-sea, Sompting, Southwick, Steyning, Storrington, Uckfield and Worthing.

That is the question clients want to know. One of the most important advantages of hiring us for flat-pack furniture assembly is that we provide a fixed price quote. The price is fixed by the item(s) so that our customers can easily understand the exact cost of assembling the service they want. This allows you to know exactly how much you will be charged for the furniture that you have purchased. Whether it is a small chair or a large wardrobe, you will know beforehand how much you are going to pay. No shady hourly pricing! 

You pay what we quote you. The minimum starting price for one item is £50.00, and it will be cheaper for more items. 

Over the past 50 years, since the invention of flat-pack furniture, its popularity has grown massively. We can see homes, offices, gardens, or gyms furnished with such furniture and products.

Moving the household stuff is a complex operation. We often though this while putting together the pieces of flat-pack furniture, “where does this piece go? Oh, I skipped that step, now I have to go back to the previous step” Well Magic Flat Pack can do this service for you.

Building anything quickly from wardrobes to lounge, beds to sheds, we can assemble anything if it is flat pack. So save your precious time and yourself from arguments and frustrations and get the flat pack assembly services by the experts at the home, office, or gym.

We know that most of the flat-pack furniture is usually tough to assemble. People admit that when putting together the product, they fought with their spouses or take out their frustration on anything else. Many ruin their furniture by assembling them wrong.

That’s where our services help you and give you relief of knowing that all of your furniture can be quickly and correctly assembled without any stress. We will offer you your precious time back that can be spent on doing things you enjoy the most.

Magic Flat Pack is functioning all over Brighton and West Sussex area to provide a comprehensive service of assembly and disassembly of all types of flat-packed furniture. Whether it’s Ikea, John Lewis, or any other furniture manufacturer, Magic Flat Pack has worked on their instructions with high accuracy.

Magic Flat Pack have many years of experience in this area and offer our services from the bedroom to gym equipment, office desk, children’s climbing apparatus, and garden products. We have the right tools to set your furniture up in n time at all.

No doubt, flat pack furniture is common, but when it comes to assembling it, we become frustrated. We ensure that your furniture will be assembled correctly in the hands of our professionals.

With an aim to save your time and alleviate the stress that usually happens in constructing items, we have put our efforts to establish our company as a professional and reliable furniture assembly service in Brighton.

We have a team trained and highly skilled flat-packed furniture constructors who can build every type of flat pack furniture for your facility and assemble with zero or minimum fuss so that it functions and looks as it was designed to.

We are proud to say that our furniture assemblers have built an outstanding customer satisfactory reputation. Our knowledge, expertise, and determination in doing a job efficiently and quickly speak of our years of experience.

Whether it expensive, cheap, or delicate item, we assure you that they are in the hands of professionals who know how to set them up. We are glad to tell you that our services are friendly, approachable, and we value our customers at every stage from contacting us for services to assembling the last product.

We understand the crazy busy lives with families, businesses, and demanding schedules, that is why we are available at your service on weekends and in the evenings as well to make our life a little easier.

For some clients, it is not convenient for them or us to be at their place for assembling furniture. For such cases, we can collect smaller products and bring to our facility to assembly them and return them to the client’s location at a scheduled time.

The Benefits of Flat-Pack Furniture:

Flat- pack furniture has come decreasingly popular in recent times, and for good reason. Not only is it more affordable than traditional,pre assembled Furniture, but it also has a number of other benefits that make it a great option for numerous homeowners.


One of the biggest advantages of flat-pack furniture is convenience. Because it is designed to be easily assembled by the consumer, it can be quickly and easily put together without the need for professional help. This can save a significant amount of time and money, especially for those who are looking to furnish a new home on a budget.


Another advantage of flat-pack furniture is that it can be easily customized to fit any space. Many flat-pack furniture systems come with a variety of different pieces that can be used to create a customized look and feel! This allows homeowners to create a truly personalized space that reflects their personal style and preferences.


Despite the fact that flat-pack furniture is often more affordable than pre-assembled furniture, it is also highly durable. This is because it is made with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand regular use. Additionally, many flat-pack furniture systems come with warranties, which can provide added peace of mind for those who are concerned about the longevity of their investment.
Finally, flat-pack furniture is a great option for those who are looking to save space. Because it is designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled, it can be stored away when not in use, which can free up valuable space in a home.

Is the guarantee of quality. Our team uses the proper tools and techniques to ensure that your furniture is assembled correctly and securely. They also have the experience to identify and fix any potential issues that may arise during the assembly process. This not only ensures that your furniture is safe to use but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

In addition to the time and quality benefits, our professional furniture assembly service also offers convenience. We provide mobile services, where we will come to your home or office to assemble your furniture. This eliminates the need for you to transport the furniture to our location or worry about coordinating schedules. We also offer same-day or next-day assembly, so you can enjoy your new furniture as soon as possible.

When choosing our professional furniture assembly service, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We have a good reputation and positive customer reviews. We are also certified and insured, ensuring that our team is qualified and able to handle any potential issues that may arise during the assembly process.

Another important factor to consider is the cost of the service. We offer fair prices for the service, ensuring that you are getting a good value for your money. However, it is important to remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice. Quality and reputation should also be taken into consideration when making your decision.

In conclusion, furniture assembly can be a daunting task, but with our expert furniture assembly service, you no longer have to worry about the hassle and stress of assembling your furniture. Our professional service offers a wide range of services, including flat-pack and custom assembly, disassembly and moving, and mobile services. We also provide time and quality benefits, as well as convenience and peace of mind. With our expert furniture assembly, you can enjoy your new furniture in no time.

Furniture assembly can be a daunting task, especially for those who are not handy with tools or do not have the time to do it themselves. However, with our expert furniture assembly service, you no longer have to worry about the hassle and stress of assembling your furniture.

Our professional furniture assembly service offers a wide range of services to help you with your furniture assembly needs. From flat-pack furniture to custom assembly, our experts have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your furniture is assembled correctly and efficiently. We can also help with item disassembly the process indeed more accessible for you.

One of the main benefits of using our professional furniture assembly service is the time savings. Assembly can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are not familiar with the instructions or do not have the necessary tools. By hiring our expert team, you can free up your time and focus on other important tasks.